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Vigilant force is a bonded and insured professional security guard company. We specialize in providing qualified security guards to meet your needs.

Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all your corporate, personal, and special events.


"Better Safe Than Sorry"

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Vigilant Force offers Live Fingerprint Scans and Background Checks!

"Experience security where you will receive a return on your investment"


Hire a Security Guard Now

In the wake of the recent attacks, it is important to ensure the safety of all patrons. Today business owners are charged with the task of running a profitable business, as well as keeping everyone safe. The professionals at Vigilant Force Security will work diligently with business owners and event organizers. Collaboration between our highly-trained team and clients will allow us to develop a plan to counteract the possibility of threats for any given scenario. Providing a proficient level of security at any event requires the knowledge, experience, and skills of one of the best security guard services at Vigilant Force Security,  where our motto is ..."Better Safe Than Sorry."

​Our security guard services are the most comprehensive you will find. Vigilant Force Security covers the following:

     - Commercial
     - Retail
     - Churches
     - School Campuses

For special events​ Vigilant Force Security operates as a full service security guard staffing agency; where we are able to offer a wide variety of armed and unarmed security services. 

Vigilant Force Services


Event Staff
Concert Security
Stadium Security


Executive Security
Private Security Contractors
Family Security
Crowd Management


Private Detectives
Child Custody
Infidelity Investigations
​GPS Tracking


Shopping Centers
Construction Sites
Offices Building

Event security guard on-site to provide safe and secure protection

Stay protected by trained consultants who tailor services to your specific needs

Investigators will provide you with fast and reliable information

Patrol Services for an extra level of security and protection

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